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A Place of Many Beginnings

The religious heritage of the Beaver Dam Church dates back to December 27, 1822 when Jarvis B. Buxton deeded one acre of land to six trustees including Henry Clark, Joseph Hinton, Timothy Cutler, Samuel Hawkins, & Jarvis Buxton, as long as a framed house devoted to the public worship of Almighty God is kept thereon. It was to be available for all denominations to worship without exclusive rights to any one.
In February 1824 the deed was registered to the trustees of the “Union Church.” The name “Union Church” hints at the non-denominational beginnings of the Beaver Dam Church. Five congregations trace their roots back to the “Union Church” including Zion Episcopal, which in its history written in 1885 states that Jarvis B. Buxton was a lay speaker in the church. Asbury Methodist Church also has in its records that they met at the free church at Beaver Dam. In 1822 Joseph Biggs and Jeremiah Mastin constituted the church as a regular Baptist church and enrolled it with the Bethel Conference of Free Will Baptists in 1829. The conference representatives were Thomas Everett in 1842 and Silas Ange in 1844. A group of primitive Baptists also used the building for a time.